Whether it’s dental pain or something worse, if you’re in need of emergency treatment, then look no further than ConfiDental Care.


At ConfiDental Care, we offer daily emergency slots for new and existing patients.

Out of hours

  • Weekdays – Kings College Hospital offers an emergency dental service for all patients.  Phone 020 7346 3894.  If available, our answerphone will give you a mobile phone number to call.
  • Weekends – Please call 111 to get advice or visit your local A and E dept.

General advice

A) Dental Pain

No one needs to suffer dental pain. If you are suffering from pain right now, there are two things you can do:

Painful teeth -Most dental pain can usually be treated in the short term with analgesics, such as paracetamol and ibuprofen (NB – please check these do not interfere with other medication that you may be taking). If the pain is particularly severe, ibuprofen and paracetamol can be taken in combination, but don’t exceed the stated dose and ideally contact us. To reduce swelling and, potentially, minimise the pain apply an ice pack to the affected area. Should the swelling start to affect the neck area, you should urgently attend Accident and Emergency.

Wisdom tooth pain – where there is apparent swelling of the gum overlying or around the tooth, a hot salt water rinse (two teaspoons of salt in a cup of hot water equivalent to a cup of tea) should be held in the mouth over the affected area for thirty seconds and then rinsed out. This should be repeated four to five times per day. Do not swallow the rinse!

Finally, Book an appointment with the Dentist – dental pain will usually return if not attended to !

B) Post Extraction Instructions

On the day of treatment

  • Rest for a few hours and avoid strenuous exercise for the day
  • Avoid eating or drinking for at least two hours
  • Avoid hot food and drinks for the remainder of the day and only eat soft foods
  • Avoid smoking
  • If a ‘swab’ is in place, retain for at least 30 minutes after leaving the surgery and dispose of it carefully afterwards.
  • Should the wound bleed, dampen a swab, roll it into a ball and place over the socket with light but firm pressure for 30 minutes. Repeat as necessary.Avoid using tissue as this can tear away the clot and leave the wound exposed.
  • Take painkillers, if you suffer any discomfort, suitable for you and do not exceed the dosage.
  • If you have had a denture fitted or modified, you should keep it in place for 24 hours or as instructed by your dentist.
  • If your lip is numb, avoid chewing it!
  • If you are concerned, please contact the practice on 020 8289 3388.

On the day after treatment

  • Keep the wound clean with a hot/warm saline rinse:
    • dissolve two teaspoons of salt into a glass of hot/warm water
    • hold solution in the mouth for thirty seconds to one minute over the wound and then spit out
    • repeat five times per day.
  • Continue to take painkillers, if necessary, following all instructions.
  • If you are concerned, please contact the practice on 020 8289 3388