All the family are welcome here at ConfiDental Care! We offer free NHS Care for all Children under 18.

Children's Dentistry

Starting early in life with a good oral hygiene and dietary routines are very important and we recognise that children and parents need the right advice to get the best for their child. Our friendly and caring Dentists use fissure sealants ,topical fluoride treatment as part of a preventative regime to ensure your child is kept protected from decay.

Diet and Prevention

What we eat and drink is very important to the health of our teeth. It’s important for children to understand which foods are beneficial to teeth and which can be harmful.

Find out more about the preventative treatment we offer.

Orthodontic Assessments

We will advise on the correct time for referral to the Orthdontist and carry out routine extractions if needed.

Sports guards

These are available through our low cost Lab and can be made in a variety of colours to suit every taste.

In summary we aim to offer a compete dental care solution for our children patients in a caring and supportive environment.