At ConfiDental Care, we offer a wide range of private dental treatments for patients who are looking for the very best treatment options without constraints.

Our Private dental fees reflect the advanced skills of our dentists and ceramic technicians who use the very finest dental materials and dental equipment. Having NHS Care does not exclude you from access to Private Treatment options; patients are welcome to mix NHS and Private Dental Treatments if they wish so as to take advantage of both formats.

In all cases patients will be presented with a full written treatment plan and cost estimate along with a clear explanation of all the options available; there are no hidden surprises. The following fees should be taken as a guide and are correct as of 1 April 2015.

Our Prices

New Patient Examination Full Assessment (inclusive of two xrays) – £49.99

Routine Examination from £35.00

X-Rays from 12.50

Cosmetic Cleaning (scale, air polish, stain removal of surface imperfections) from £25.00

Extractions from £65

Cosmetic White fillings from £75

Amalgam fillings from £50

Root Fillings from £225

Porcelain Crowns from £450

Bridges  ( Adhesive/Fixed) from £499.00

Dentures –

  • Acrylic from £350
  • Cobalt chrome from £799
  • ‘Flexible’ from £799

Teeth Whitening from £299

Six-month smiles ( adult cosmetic braces) from £1750/arch

Implant placement ( inclusive of  crown) from £1850

Botulinum toxin ( wrinkle softening treatments ) SPECIAL INTRO OFFER from £225 ( one area) , £250 ( two areas) , £275 ( three areas).

For more information about our range of both NHS and private dental services, then head over to our treatments page.